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Orthopedic Therapy

Reestablishing normal motor control and function of the bones, joints and muscles is paramount after injury and/or surgical intervention.

Sports Performance

As therapists, trainers, and coaches, we understand the demands athletes place on their bodies. We develop individualized exercise programs to enable each athlete to work towards his or her potential.

Manual Therapy

Restoration of normal function through mobilization and manipulation of the joints and connective tissues relieves pain while promoting optimal physical performance.

Functional Dry Needling

Functional Dry Needling resets the neuromuscular system in order to decrease pain and improve muscular function after injury or with degenerative changes.

Geriatric Therapy

Maintaining physical mobility and balance promotes happiness, well being and independence as we grow more mature with time.


ProActive Light Therapy, LLC

Uses noninvasive high powered Class IV laser (LightForce FX) to promote tissue healing and reduce pain.  A Class IV laser can penetrate deeper than other forms of laser and is a safe alternative to pain medication. 

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